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Seamless Surface

If you are looking for a new definition of surface creativity, Seamless Surface is the best choice you can make. For the first time in the Southbay you can install a modern, convenient, Cost-Effective & flexible surface. Adding a modern & unique design is one of the most important decisions for your home. Choosing among the countless surfaces selections and styles available, from kinu, to natural bond and natural grain can be intimidating, but it doesn´t have to be. Our experts can make the process a fun one  by helping you make the right decision so that the style you envision will always look “just right”. We´ll assist you in selecting among the different types of styles, colors and designs. Call us for a free consultation. Quality Installations Add Warmth, Style…and Value!

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About our maintenance program to keep your new and existing floors in the best of conditions.

What makes it so great?

Imagine the opportunity of being able to remodel any solid surface without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing surface. We have perfected this method through the use of the X-Bond System, which chemically adheres to any existing surface. Revolutionizing the way the world looks at remodeling with their signature “Remodel Without Removal” system. This system saves clients time and cost on their projects while offering “green” benefits and far fewer environmental hazards.